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Road No-1, Ganganagar Bardawan Road
Road No-1, Ganganagar Bardawan Road
Expertise to Transport Car Safely to any Destination

Moving on is easy but moving your beloved car away from you is hard. Jokes apart! Though we have started the article on a jokey tone, still you must know what a serious topic it is when it comes to transferring your car from one place to the other.

You need to trust your most prized possession to someone else’s hand that you barely know. It’s like giving your child away to a stranger. Ok! Let’s not make it that difficult, let’s be a bit more logical and try to understand the phenomenon.

It’s not about giving away your child but it’s about letting him go to another city when you have booked the tickets for him, rented room and done all possible arrangements that are required for the child to have a great trip as well as stay.

Your car transportation services in Siliguri, West Bengal will take full care of your car that you allow them to transport with them. So you can keep your worries apart and be relaxed.

Now coming to the second question, how to transport your car from one destination to another and whom to trust. While answering this question we will just tell you to be a bit more knowledgeable. The knowledge we are talking about is given here. Go on reading now.

1. The transportation service must be IBA Approved:

The transportation service you choose to transport your car must have the approval of the IBA. This promises their guarantee of being proper and true.

If you have never transported your bike, you can easily trust these companies.

2. It must provide the required license and insurance:

A car transporting company must provide required license and insurance to you so that it gives you the guarantee that the car will be safely transferred and if in case any damage occurs they will compensate for it.

The car transportation in Siliguri has taken measures for cutting out all false deals.

3. They must have proper vehicles to transport your car:

The car company must have a proper and good vehicle to transport your car. If the company lacks this you should never allow your car to be transported by them.

4. Right Warehouse to keep your Car:

 The company you are transporting your car with must have the warehouse to transport your car and keep. This is very important and necessary.

 You must look into this factor before transporting your bike.

5. Must be logical with their price:

Ok, you agree or not price creates a big difference. if the price is not legitimate and logical you should never transfer your car with them.

Don’t fall prey to some stupid people who demand way high than it cost. So next time you transport your car, do it with the best Car transport Service in Siliguri. You will feel happy.

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