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Road No-1, Ganganagar Bardawan Road
Road No-1, Ganganagar Bardawan Road

While you shift from one place to the other, you need to shift all the necessary goods that you will need in the new place. Bikes and cars are the most essentials among them. Moreover, these vehicles are so costly and close to your heart that you do not feel like parting with them. However, due to the demand of the situation, you need to do so.

Now when you need to transport your bike, you can do it two ways one you can transport your bike through some transportation service or you can put your bike on a train loaded with other heavy things and ultimately see it damaged. I hope you will go for the first option because you will not like seeing it damaged.

So giving a bike to the transporter is safe only if the transporter provides insurance for transportation. If the insurance is not supplied to you, then you should never shift your favorite vehicles with such transporters.

The reasons are given below.

The transporter can cheat you:

Yes, if you are transporting your bike, through such a bike transport service in Siliguri, those who are not giving you any insurance for the transportation, you are 90% in the verge of facing a bad consequence. They might cheat you, never return your bike or your bike may face tremendous damage and you can’t claim anything.

No responsibility is taken for the damage:

As the transporter has not insured your bike, so he will not take any responsibility for its damage. They will simply move on and you won’t be able to demand anything. 

Your liability, not theirs:

Now the damaged bike is your liability, not theirs. You can’t charge them for any. It’s your stupidity that you didn’t check their insurance policy and left your bike alone with them.

Government officials won’t take responsibility:

Government officials also will not take up any charge because you can’t show them the insurance policy. Therefore, it is mandatory now from the government before a bike transport you must clarify with the insurance policy of the transporter.

Ultimately your loss:

If you don’t want to face an ultimate loss of yours, you must check the insurance policy before transporting your bike.

Be Careful be safe:

Always be careful with your actions,the trailer transport company in Siliguri are now becoming strict with their insurance policy after the government has made its rules stricter. So don’t face any fraud, be careful.

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